Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling like a vagabond

It feels like ages since I have been near a computer with internet connection. Now that I am finally settled in here in Pamplona, I can finally sit down and recount what has happened over the past few days.
On Saturday, I spent the day in Alicante- a beautiful beach on the Costa Blanca. I took an early morning train and arrived in time to meet up with some friends from Madrid. After spending the day at the beach, soaking up way too much sun, we ventured into town to enjoy dinner at the Marina. Of course we ordered sea food and enjoyed red wine as we looked out on the amazing scenery. After indulging in torte de chocolate, we looked around the open air market near the Marina and discovered more of the quaint Alicante community.
Sunday proved to be the most emotionally tumulotous day yet. After catching an early train back to Madrid, I had exactly one hour to get back to my homestay, grab my suitcase, and make the train for Pamplona. After sprinting home, I came home to my mama Española dripping in sweat and in a state of desperation. The look in her eyes when she realized I would be leaving for good in a matter of minutes was heart wrenching. She quickly prepared me lunch as I threw items into my suitcase. When I reappeared to say my final goodbye, emotions took over the both of us as we scrabbled to take photos to remember my time in their home. While I was expecting to cry when having to say goodby to Mama María, I did not realize what a wealth of emotions I would feel. I left wishing I could have given them a proper goodbye. However, my hope is that in the near future I can return and see them again.
After the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced, I was elated to finally make it to my seat on the train and have time to process everything that had happened. With each moment on my train to Pamplona, I became more and more excited for what was to come. When I finally arrived, I was not only greeted by beautiful scenery but fresh, cool air. My homestay mom, Ana, is amazing and we have already spent hours talking together in Spanish. On my first day at school I also met a wonderful girl from Australia named Jacqueline. We have already made plans to visit San Sebastian this Thursday on our day off. Needless to say, the city is in a fury right now as everyone prepares for San Fermin. It is going to be incredible and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can not wait to share more details about the festival, but as it is, this post is rather long, and I feel bad for the 2 of you who actually read all of this.
Tomorrow I will post again (however, no photos, since I can not use my computer) and introduce you all to the Pamplona I have come to love.

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