Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bon Jour

Greetings from Paris! After arriving early this morning on a surprisingly comfortable overnight train, I maneuvered through the metro system (which at one point included getting stuck in between the turn styles & having to climb back over and by another ticket) and arrived at my hotel smoother than planned. After dropping my bags off, I headed to Notre Dame to meet up with one of my friend's I met in Pamplona- however, with the chaotic crowd of people and lack of wifi connection, we were unable to find each other. Even so, I decided to do some exploring.
Following a recommendation Jenna gave me (she spent 5 weeks in Paris last summer), I landed at L'Au du Falafel for a delicious lunch. After filling my belly, I wandered for a few hours and ended up seeing many of the main sights of Paris. Including the Louve, a distant view of the Eiffel tower, the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. Already, I am falling in love with this city and as of yet my lack of knowledge in French has yet to be a problem.
On a more serious note, Allie and I both received some startling news about one of our dear friends. It is making it difficult in many ways to enjoy this trip knowing someone we love is going through something so difficult and we can't be there for her. Thankfully, Allie and I will finally be together (in 3 hours or so) and I am hoping we will be able to embrace this opportunity we have and realize how precious life truly is.

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  1. Kacy - I love your adventurous spirit and your diary of events, experiences and photos. Thanking God for you and for allowing you this opportunity to shine His light on so many in Europe! Love you!