Friday, February 25, 2011

Newest obsessions

Hello blogworld! It was been too long. I apologize for my absence but with midterms fast approaching I have found little inspiration to write about. However with all the fabulous parties and events from New York, London, & Milan's fashion weeks I have put together a little glimpse of my newest obsessions for both now and the fall. Hopefully this post will be enough to get you through until next week as my schedule is overwhelmingly chaotic!
1. Max Mara's effortless cool

2. Girl Crush: Clemsey Posey

3. The sleek minimialism of Reef Krakoff

4. The Temperley London Fall 2011 Collection

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hello lovelies!
Sorry for the slight neglect. It's certainly been a busy week- the middle of the semester is already approaching and that means more work and countless meetings. I've been running around like crazy! Luckily, I plan to use this weekend to get my life back in order. But I vowed to enjoy Friday, so after having dinner with Kacy, I think I will go karaoke with some friends and hopefully have as much fun as these girls (don't you just love this picture?). Hope everyone starts their weekend off right!
Lots of love,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The one & only MICHAEL KORS

As yet another world-wind New York Fashion Week comes to a close, I would like to recognize the impeccably tailored garments of Michael Kors and his 30th anniversary of being a prominent force in the fashion world. Not only does he understand that classic clothes never go out of style but also has a dazzling personality perfect for television. While we do not know what the next 30 years will hold for him, two things are for certain: it will be sun-kissed & as always fabulous!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Erin Fetherston Fall/Winter 2011 Review

Jenna and I usually don't post on back to back days, let alone do 2 posts in the same day but I just had to share this with you guys. As some of you may know Jenna and I are part of the Independent Fashion Bloggers network which is truly such a lovely group of people. Today I submitted a review of Erin Fetherston's new collection and got picked for the Fashion Insider Review! (I know right?? how did this happen?) I hope you will enjoy my thoughts on what I believe to be one of the standout collections of Fashion Week thus far.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And so it begins...

New York Fashion week is FINALLY here! However this post is not about any of the show's that took place today (even though Christian Siriano's looks were fabulous!) but about my one true love Rachel Zoe's debut collection...I DIE! Ever since the first season of the Rachel Zoe project, I have been in love with her 70's glam style and perfect catchphrases. The only negative aspect of her new collection is the prices...which unlike her line for QVC, will be $250 and up. Here are just a few of the pieces from her fall 2011 lookbook, since being 7 months pregnant, she will unfortunately not be showing at Fashion Week.
As always,

Right Now I'm Loving....

I haven't posted much in the last week and I feel as though my head might explode with all the ideas and inspirations I've been hoarding. School is seriously getting in the way of everything I want to be doing lately (reading the March Instyle, spending hours on fashion blogs, finally getting around to watching An Education, and of course blogging!). Although, I did get to do a presentation on kate spade for my marketing class earlier this week, so I suppose I can't complain too much. I originally wanted to do one cumulative post about all the things I've discovered and fallen in love with lately, but I felt that just wouldn't do them justice, so I suppose I'll have to be better about posting in order to get to everything. Even though the preview of H&M's spring Conscious collection came out a bit ago, I still cant get over how excited I am for it. The feminine, flowing dresses, light colors and scallop hems are exactly what I envision for spring. With a mix of structured, dressy pieces and comfy items, like a cute cropped sweatshirt, Im sure Ill find everything I need. I'd pair these looks with some delicate layered jewelry, bright lips and a utilitarian but cute cross body bag. Love it! and I hope you do too!
As Always,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A fashionable fairytale ending

In honor of the impending New York Fashion week & Valentine's Day on Monday...I thought I would share with you a wonderful article about GARANCE DORÉ, the fabulous French fashion blogger, and her famous American boyfriend (aka the Sartorialist!!). Was I the only one who had no idea they were a couple? I am not so secretly envious of these two and theie impeccable eye for great fashion. Enjoy this rare love story that in fact has a real life happy ending.
With love,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Friends & French Hot Chocolate

Sorry for the lack of postings this past week, both Jenna and I were dreaming up posts yet seeming to not actually write them. This past Saturday night I enjoyed a rare night out consisting of my favorite things: fashion, food, & great friends. Below are some of the more memorable shots of the night..including French pastries from a divine café in downtown Scottsdale called Scratch. In honor of one of my best friend’s Allie’s birthday (the cute blonde in most of the pictures) I decided the occasion called for a rare in high heels. Being 5’8” this almost never happens as I tower over practically everyone in the room. Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my seemingly boring existence.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Style De Jour: Lauren Conrad

Ever since her emergence on Laguna Beach 10 years ago, Lauren Conrad's style and warm persona have captured my reality television loving heart. In honor of her 27th birthday today, I thought I would pay tribute to not only her own personal style but also recognize the fabulous job she has done by making a store like Kohl's appeal to fashion lovers like me. Below is her look from the Covergirl party in January. Not only is the Quail silk wrap dress fabulous, it is only $100 at Urban Outfitters. Paired with Jimmy Choo heels and a Chanel quilted bag, this look is the epitome of mixing low end and luxe pieces- a quintessential element of Lauren's style.