Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Lovely Lulu

Why hello blog world, it has been far too long. I am beginning to feel more like a guest blogger than the co-writer of this blog. As you can see from Jenna's post, winter break has been quite busy for the both of us. While it was lovely, I am in great need of some type of normal routine back in my life. However I wish that did not have to involve work and school. Unlike Jenna, I am big on New Year's resolutions. While I have committed to the same resolutions as most of the country (like eating healthier & staying more organized), I have also vowed (sadly) to limit my clothing habit. However that does not mean I can not jazz up my wardrobe with some amazing accessories. I am hoping that one of the first things I purchase (finances permitting) will come from Lulu Frost's collaboration with JCrew. Known for blending antique and vintage items with today's modern looks, the pieces fit perfectly with the JCrew aesthetic. Below I have picked a few of my favorite pieces. While they are not one of a kind like Lulu's main line, the antique crystals used make them truly special.

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