Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sequin Obesession

So my inspiration for this post all began when I spotted this amazing sequin top by Vince.
When I saw it, I knew I had to have it! (That was, until I saw the $295 price tag) I began to wonder if my dream of acquiring something fabulous and sparkly would also require tapping into my savings account. However, being the bargain shopper that I am, I managed to find a few other lovely sequin pieces that will not break the bank. While some of them do not have the same awe factor of the Vince crepe t-shirt, the $80 Drapey Sequin tee from JCrew does have a striking resemblance! I encourage all of you to go pick up something shiny yourself. After all, 'tis the season for a little glamour!
Love always,
Sequin Obesession

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