Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jonathan Adler + Starbucks

Like most girls, and the majority of the US population, I love Starbucks. I mean who can resist pumpkin spice lattes and assorted muffins? So imagine my delight when I entered Starbucks bright and early this morning, only to find they are now selling their holiday mugs. So precious! Oh, and it gets better! This season they are featuring a ceramic mug by the wonderful designer, Johnathan Adler. I truly hope you have all heard of him because he is brilliant and playful and optimistic and fun. He does a great job of mixing timeless decor silhouettes and staples with pops of color and interesting details, such as animal images and geometric patterns. He certainly did not disappoint in his design for the Starbucks mug. Plus, a dollar of each mug purchase goes to the Global Fund, an organization that donates money to HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. Love it. At only $10.95, I don't think I'll be able to wait for this item until Christmas. I give myself a week.

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