Friday, May 20, 2011

Prabal Gurung goes J.Crew!

As someone who not only loves but adores when designer's do collaborations with more moderately priced brands, I was exceptionally pleased to see Prabal Gurung's collection for J.Crew. While I have been obsessing over his spring collection that influenced so many of the color blocking trends we have seen this season, the pieces ridiculous price tags left them out of my reach. While Gurung's collection for J.Crew is in no way a bargain (pieces are still upwards of $250)..they are much more reasonable for even a college student's budget. Even better, the pieces are dramatically different from what he have seen from Gurung in the past, and to my pleasure, much more feminine. I am dying to purchase all of the "exploding bow" pieces when they hit stores next week. But lets be honest...I will probably wait to see if any of them will go on sale, which with my luck is very unlikely.

Source: via Kacy on Pinterest

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