Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Bucket List

While Kacy is off exploring exotic Spain, I am spending the summer at home in northern California. Although I don't have the advantage of the unknown and the charm of Europe on my side, there is plenty to do locally, and so I have made a summer bucket list to keep track of all my little goals.

1. Organize family photos
2. Make lavender ice cream
3. Learn photoshop
4. Indoor sky diving (my mother gave me a gift certificate for this ages ago, and of course I have yet to use it)
5. Take a cooking/baking class
6. Ride bikes at the baylands and pack a picnic
7. Read 12 books (currently on number 5!)
8. Go to Edgewood Eats- a local food truck event
9. Walk my dog at least 5 times a week
10. Go on a boat ride
11. Master my makeup ritual
12. Have sparklers on 4th of July
13. Blog more (obviously!)

Even though I have been working like crazy, I am hoping to be able to find the time to accomplish everything on my list. I made a point to not include anything work or school related- just carefree, quintessential summer activities. What is on your list for the summer?

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